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The personal branding workshop has been so beneficial to me. I have learnt how to increase my likeability, improve my communication skills, create my own brand identity, strategize my brand and leverage on my key resources. I believe with the key learnings from this workshop, I am able to hit another height in my business.
Dato' Sueann Tan, Allianz Century Pioneer
Dato' Sueann Tan
Allianz Century Pioneer

Has it bothered you why you are not getting ahead of others by getting the trust of clinching the deal, even you may have the qualifications or inherent qualities almost identical to those winners? The 'X-factor' is the key that differentiate the winners from others and it is about mastering the art of personal branding.

By mastering the art of personal branding, you are able to:

  • Attract others' attention wherever you go
  • Have people listening to you when you speak
  • Influence people to buy from you when you sell

Why personal branding?

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

With personal branding, you will be able to attract people's attention, having them to listen to you and you can influence them in buying from you as you have win their hearts and gain their trust.

Expand Network

Expand Network

When you have gain your customers' heart, they will tend to introduce you to their circle of network which will then expand your connections.

Increase Confidence Level

Increase Confidence Level

When you have your personal brand built, more and more people are getting to know you. At the same time, your career has been

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