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Sereen Eng, Nail Care Expert

Sereen Eng

What drives you in your life and career?
Whenever I looked back at how far I’ve come, it amazed me how determined I really was. To me, the thought of being in a business of pampering is both rewarding and exciting. However, things did not turn out as I expected.

I once got a remark from a client, she said, “Hey, you are a graduate with bachelor degree and you’re here to wash feet? What a waste!” This remark probed me I started thinking, how can I change the perception of the job of a manicurist? How can nail care be a respected career?

Then I started to speak up, I share with everyone I meet, on the great things about being a manicurist. It is therapeutic for me to see clients so pleased about how they spent their time and money. The personal rewards you receive from a job well done are wonderful. When a customer really appreciates your work, you know that no one but you has created that result.

I am glad I didn’t give up. As the saying goes, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Now I am proud to be recognized as the Nail Care Expert. I love challenges; I’m a firm believer that anything that is worthwhile is a challenge.

What does Personal Branding mean to you?
What was the biggest challenge in your life and how did you overcome it?
What is your proudest moment to date?
What is next for you?

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